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Landmarks In Miami You Don’t Want To Miss

You can survey or poll 100 people asking them their dream vacation destinations and there is a very good chance that at least ninety percent of these people are going to include Miami. What’s not to love about the area? Good eats, varied culture, beautiful architecture, oceans, beaches, beautiful people, warm weather, mom and pop shops, and the list could go on and on. The truly hard part of the vacation will be trying to decide what you want to visit. That was until you came across this list. Here are the must-see landmarks of Miami.

The Venetian Pool

The Venetian Pool really is a win-win because it is not only a fabulous destination, but it is located inside Coral Gables, which is a sprawling attraction on its own. The Venetian Pool is just one of the more popular destinations at the site. It was built from a former coral rock quarry in 1923 and holds an impressive 820,000 gallons all replete with fantasy caves, waterfalls, palm trees, beautiful bridges, and underground aquifers. As you can easily see, a true win-win. You can see everything that Miami is known for right here in this one easy-to-access destination.

The City’s Oldest Cemetery

If you want to take advantage of the beautiful Florida sun while learning more about the historical value and significance of the area, you’ll check out the City’s Oldest Cemetery. It is here that you can bask in the sun and reflect on the former lives of pioneer families like the Burdines, Seybolds, Peacock, and the Sewells. Plus, who could forget about the famed Dr. James Jackson? In addition to these individuals, there are 86 Confederate Civil War veterans and 200 Spanish-American War Veterans.

Cape Florida Lighthouse

The entire state of Florida is known for its water and lighthouses, but it is perhaps Miami that is lucky enough to be home to one of the most popular lighthouse destinations in the entire world. And, this would no doubt be the Cape Florida Lighthouse. The sprawling architectural marvel was constructed in 1825 and has since been rebuilt several times after past wars. It holds such historical value to the area that it is currently the oldest structure in the greater Miami area. What’s even more impressive is, it still safely guides ships into the harbor this very day. It is here that you can learn about how this impressive and beautiful area once was a secret meeting place and port for runaway slaves and Black Seminoles trying to flee to the Bahamas.