Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs are unique insects with a black body that is outlined in red. They measure around ½ inches in length and can be found hiding in various tree species, including the maple, cherry, and ash. This is one of the few insects that have a tree namesake. The box elder bug “Acer negundo” is notorious for pest infestations, which is why they almost always get chopped down in the end.

Why Is My Property Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

Box elder bugs are known to target properties with their namesake trees during the summer season. Nearing the end of the fall season, the insect will start taking advantage of exterior-to-interior access points in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, as well as sheds and garages. They will enter the building through tiny cracks and crevices, open windows and doors, and plumbing pipe and electrical wiring openings. They generally try to make their way indoors right before the winter season is set to kick in.

Are Box Elder Bug Infestations Harmful To Humans And Pets?

Box elder bugs are more of a nuisance insect than a health risk to humans and animals. However, they will leave devastating damage to crops, flowers, their favorite tree species, weeds, and plants.

How To Eradicate A Box Elder Bug Infestation?

Box elder infestations can be complex when a large colony is involved. In these severe infestations, it is crucial to target the entire colony, which may be separated due to inconvenience or circumstance. It is highly likely the entire colony will not find its way into your home before getting detected. If the colony is separated, some of the insects will be inside your home while the remainder is still outdoors. We combine pesticides and traps to target these infestations because they are so complex.

Does DIY Pest Control To Fight Against Box Elder Bugs?

Yes, but only in mild cases where only a handful of insects are involved. Moderate to severe infestations will take a much stronger pest control approach like our commercial-grade pesticides. We will work with you to ensure a full eradication in the shortest duration possible. Our prices are competitive and our business hours are extended to ensure access to all Miami residents.

How Long Will It Take The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home?

As mentioned previously, our exterminators have agreed to take on extended work schedules to meet the growing pest control demand in Miami, Florida. In most cases, we can schedule you for a pest control consultation and/or visual inspection within 24 to 48 hours of the initial contact.

Is Box Elder Bug Pesticides Harmful?

The US Environmental Protection Agency regulates pesticides, both commercial- and standard-grades. When the EPA approves a new pest control product, the agency believes it can be handled, stored, and administered without further damage to the environment and health risks to humans and animals. We rely on EPA-approved pesticides to eradicate box elder infestations throughout the City of Miami.

Is It Possible To Prevent Future Box Elder Bug Infestations?

Yes, with the help of a strong pest barrier and our team of pest control experts. Our pest management service continues long after your box elder bug infestation is gone.

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