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What Are Beetles?

Scientists have identified approximately 350,000 species of beetles, all of which have unique identifiable characteristics. While beetles are interesting insects, they are pests nonetheless. In fact, these insects can be found indoors and outdoors, but more often the latter. The most commonly reported sightings in Florida are the longhorn, powder post, and ground beetles. Each species varies in color, size, body shape, with the Goliath beetle being the largest and heaviest, measuring in at about 3-1/2 ounces (100 grams).

Why Is My Home Infested With Beetles?

The most common reason why beetles target specific properties is available resources. If your property has an abundance of decaying wood, it will be a beetle target. The beetle is drawn to rotting lawn debris, piles of firewood, downed trees, and tree stumps. If your property is infested, it must have one or more of these sources. While beetles are not favorable to the indoors, they will take advantage of exterior-to-interior access points, with the most common being around windows and doors. Not all beetle species are specifically drawn to decaying wood. Some are drawn to small insects, plants, nectar, and insect larvae.

Do Beetle Infestations Pose Health Risks To Humans And Pets?

Beetles have not been associated with human or animal diseases. However, they have been connected to structural damage of buildings, trees, sheds, outdoor wood furniture, birdhouses, doghouses, outdoor décor, and mailboxes.

How To Eradicate A Beetle Infestation?

Most property owners know little to nothing about the beetle species. In fact, some have admitted to not knowing how to identify a beetle. If this is the case, you are probably struggling to identify the insect that is invading your property. Do not fret, we are here to help. Our extermination team is on standby waiting to help you with your beetle problem. Whether it is just a minor issue or a full-blown infestation, we have the skills, experience, time, and tools to eradicate it in a timely manner.

Does DIY Pest Control Work For Beetle Infestations?

Yes, but only in minor situations. Moderate to severe beetle infestations need a more powerful pest control approach like our commercial-grade insecticides. While it never hurts to give the beetles your best shot, you can almost guarantee that over-the-counter pesticides are not going to have too much impact. We utilize professional-quality pesticides that have undergone extensive studies to determine potency, effectiveness, and safety. Unfortunately, DIY pesticides are regular strength, which means they are not even near to be as potent as our commercial-grade pesticides. If you decide to go the DIY extermination route, you can expect to make several trips to your local big-box store for more pesticides. DIY pest control requires twice if not triple or quadruple the number of treatments.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home?

A pest control consultation or inspection request is all we need to approve a visit to your home. Our exterminators and beetle control technicians will gladly meet with you to go over our pest control protocols. We can have one of these professionals dispatched to your home within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request.

Is Beetle Pesticides Dangerous?

No, pesticides utilized to target beetle infestations do not pose a risk to humans, animals, or the planet if handled, stored, and administered per the manufacturer’s recommendations. To eradicate any further risks, we only carry pest control products approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA-approved pesticides have been deemed “safe” when the user heed to the State of Florida’s pesticide regulations and laws.

Is It Possible To Prevent A Future Beetle Problem After The Initial Infestation?

Yes, beetles will not plague your home forever if you are armed with the right pest barrier. If your beetle problem was inside your home, you will need to take extra steps to build up a barrier between the insects and your home. This is a lengthy and ongoing process that works marvelously when executed properly. We will be there with you every step of the way. Our beetle control protocol includes three visits. An initial visit is needed for the visual inspection and potential treatment, a second visit (4 weeks later) is scheduled for another treatment, a third and last visit is a follow-up, which includes a final visual inspection.

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