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What Miami Residents Need To Know About Fleas And Flea Infestations?

The flea is a nuisance parasite that preys on various animal species, such as the canine, feline, deer, fox, opossum, skunk, ferret, and squirrel. All of these are left to the mercy of nature to fight off these relentless insects. Fortunately, most dogs and cats have an owner that routinely treats them with anti-flea medicine. Sometimes this is not enough to ward off the flea. Once your home and property are infested with fleas, it is downhill from there. With access to our Miami flea pest control, you can keep your pets and property flea-free forever.

Flea Species Sightings In Florida

Miami is home to more than 470,000 people and hundreds of animal species. When it comes to fleas, wild animals are the biggest threat because they have no access to a flea preventative. Domesticated animals are more fortunate, thanks to their loyal masters, they can keep fleas at bay. Well, most of the time anyway. The most common flea species sighting reported in the State of Florida is the Ctenocephalides Felis, better known as the “cat flea.” Do not get the name confused. Just because it has the word “cat” in it does not mean dogs and other animals are 100 percent safe. In fact, cat fleas target all kinds of animal species, including the dog. Fleas are extremely tiny, making them difficult to catch in action. Even if you do catch a flea between your fingers, you may not have much luck eradicating it immediately. Fleas pack around a hard shell that they utilize as a defense mechanism.

Flea Bite Characteristics

Again, fleas are parasites, which means they rely on a living host for food and survival. The flea, for example, feeds on mammal blood, which is why they are so relentless toward their victims. The flea bite may seem harmless. It may be until left untreated and more begin to appear, this is when things start getting a little sketchy for the victim. A few flea bites can develop into what vets have deemed “flea allergy dermatitis.” This condition is the result of an allergic reaction to a flea bite. A large volume of flea bites can also lead to blood loss and eventually death with medical interventions. Fleas have also been linked to tapeworm infestations in animals and humans.

How To Protect Pets And Homes From Fleas?

Flea infestations are more complex than one may want to believe. In fact, flea infestations left untreated can plague an entire neighborhood or small town for that matter. A mild flea problem can develop into a severe infestation within a few months, depending on the circumstances and whether or not an intervention was implemented. There are several things you can do to protect your property and animals from flea infestations. These include the following:

  • Do not adopt a pet until you are ready to take on the responsibility
  • Owners need to treat their outdoor and indoor pets regularly with anti-parasite medicine or a flea preventative treatment
  • Keep your lawn neat and tidy, never allowing the grass to grow higher than three inches
  • Install “Do Not Feed Wildlife” signs around your property to deter wild animal visits
  • Install barriers around decks and porches to keep wild animals out
  • Fully inspect your pet’s bedding regularly, focusing on what experts have deemed “flea dirt”
  • Replace your pet’s bedding with a machine-washable alternative for more thorough cleanings
  • Routinely vacuum your entire home, top to bottom, along with your pet’s living quarters

No one can guarantee your pet will pick up a flea while out on a walk from time to time. If your neighbors do not have a flea preventative strategy, this will probably happen more times than not. Our team of flea experts and exterminators can help you create a flea intervention or prevention strategy that will keep fleas at bay. But, the only way for our flea control to work is if every member of your household is on board. It would also help to stay in close touch with neighbors just in case a flea infestation breaks out in your neighborhood.

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