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Why Miami Makes The Dream Vacation

With COVID still in full effect, many families are taking advantage of their free time by choosing to travel. Now that schools are closed, offices are on lockdown, and families are confined to their homes, they want to get out and explore. This is easy to understand. Spend two weeks straight in your home and you’ll be begging for a break. If you are lucky enough to be located in the states you no doubt already know that you tons of amazing destinations to choose from. The only problem is actually choosing one. Here’s why Miami should be on your list.

The City Beautiful “Coral Gables”

If you want to get the perfect view of Miami, you need to head over to Coral Gables. Appropriately named the City Beautiful for its charming and gracious Mediterranean architecture, the Coral Gables is the equivocal of what you would expect to see on a Miami postcard. It is a Mediterranean beauty surrounded by sky blue water all fronted by fountains and streets shaded by huge banyans. This location might be beautiful, but it also shows off the importance of the varied culture in all of Florida. There is a bit of everything here, which is something you’ll find throughout Florida. From Spanish design to Moorish and Italian architecture, you can witness it all at the Coral Gables.

The Freedom Tower

Of all the destinations and sites available it is the 17-story Freedom Tower that is the hardest to miss. While Miami is laden with skyscrapers and beautiful buildings, it is hard to miss one as outlandish and appealing as the Freedom Tower. Constructed in 1925 and serving as headquarter and printing office of the Miami Daily News and Metropolis the Freedom Tower is truly the epitome of downtown Miami. There is no denying that the building holds significant importance for being home to the popular local newspaper for nearly 60 years, but it holds even more historical significance between 1962 and 1974 when it held Cuban refugees.

The Deering Estate

Looking for one single destination that offers it all? Of course, you are and you have found it within the Deering Estate. Everything from historic houses and nature preserves can be found and enjoyed on this sprawling and beautiful 444-acre estate. While you are here you’ll surely not want to miss the ever-impressive art and design collection of philanthropist Charles Deering. Just make sure you plan your trip ahead of time because there is usually quite the wait to get in here on a tour.