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Jungle Island  

Jungle Island, formerly Parrot Jungle, is a relaunched eco-adventure park on Watson Island, Miami, Florida, United States. The park is re-opened following a series of significant renovations after the park incurred damage from Hurricane Irma. The park features new pop-up waterslides, an outdoor wind tunnel flight experience, zip lines, escape rooms, a Nerf battle stadium, and other attractions.   Photograph of Parrot Jungle (1990) by John Margolies who traveled the U.S. documenting architectural sights and roadside attractions Originally named Parrot Jungle, it was moved from its original suburban location in Pinecrest, Florida to its present location just east of downtown Miami and after the site was purchased for Pinecrest Gardens in 2002. It was renamed Parrot Jungle Island. In 2007, the park was again renamed Jungle Island. A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Miami

Environmental Efforts

The landscaping for the new 18 acres (7.3 ha) site was begun in 2000 with a four-foot elevation change. The four-year site development was designed to be environmentally sustainable, minimizing fertilizers and pesticides. In well-traveled areas, vegetation was planted that stays healthy, green, and stable despite heavy foot traffic, without fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. Jungle Island also uses an integrated pest management system that employs biological controls, reducing the need for pesticides.

Parrot Cove Beach

Jungle Island opened up a water park for guests with a view of downtown Miami. The water park features several obstacle courses, riptide rapids, slides, and a climbing wall. The park offers its “Summer Savings Ticket,” granting entry into both the central garden and the water park during the summer months. Occupancy of the water park is usually restricted to 60 people at a time, with one to two hours. The section of the beach is privately owned by Jungle Island and is currently closed due to Hurricane Irma.


As of 2003, there were 1,000 varieties of parrots among the 3,000 animals at Parrot Jungle Island. The theme park’s landmark is the sails covering the Jungle Theater, an arena where “Tale of the Tiger” features large cats, wildlife, and other shows. Hercules, a 900-pound liger, a cross between a lion and a tiger, is housed near the Jungle Theater. In the Parrot Bowl, the “Winged Wonders” show highlights birds worldwide, including the Andean condor, cassowary (the only trained cassowary in the world), and king vulture. In the “Serpentarium” (named in honor of Bill Haast’s famed Miami Serpentarium), a broad spectrum of animals are presented, from African penguins to alligator snapping turtles, boa constrictor snakes to lemurs.

Address: 1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL


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