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Edgewater is a neighborhood in Miami, Florida, United States, located north of Downtown and the Arts & Entertainment District, and south of Midtown and the Upper East Side. It is roughly bound by North 17th Street to the south, North 37th Street to the north, the Florida East Coast Railway and East First Avenue to the west, and Biscayne Bay to the east. Edgewater is primarily a residential neighborhood, with many historic early 20th century homes. The neighborhood has many high-rise residential towers to the east along Biscayne Bay, and historic homes elsewhere in the neighborhood. Since 2000, the area has grown in popularity, due to its proximity to Downtown and neighborhoods such as the Design District. Recent developments in the neighborhood have brought rapid urbanization to the area, with the construction of high-rise and mid-rise residential buildings, and more retail. A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Miami

This sweet little residential pocket by the bay started out great as a high-end shopping district from the 1920s to the 60s. National retailers such as Sears and Burdines called the southern part of Edgewater home for decades. The late 1970s got even better with the Omni International Mall anchoring down, and believe it or not, making it an ultra-luxury shopping destination with brands the likes of Hermés and Givenchy, among many other high-end retailers. Fast forward to the 1990s, the neighborhood, like much of Miami during the commercial real estate crash of the time, came crumbling down. The Omni Mall lost out to Aventura and Sawgrass Mills, eventually shutting shop in 2000. With the buildings empty, the streets and park became prime real estate for drug deals, prostitution, and other unsavory activities, while sadly, Margaret Pace Park became the permanent base for the homeless. Edgewater was to be strictly avoided after dusk and only a handful dared to buy into the neighborhood betting on its future.

At the turn of the 2010s came a wake-up call for the shady corridors of Edgewater. Multiple developers had picked up the land between 2000 and 2010, seeing the potential for affordable waterfront developments that would be close to all the action and strong community action and rezoning help by Miami’s City Commissioners at the time.

Restaurants and Pubs

  • Mister O1 Extraordinary Pizza is located at 2315 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL
  • Rincon Escondido Tapas & Restaurant is located at 2697 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL
  • Three & No. 3 Social is located at 50 NW 24th St Suite 101, Miami, FL
  • Edge’s Tavern is located at 275 Northeast 18th Street Unit 107 (On, Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL


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